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Thread: dd_rescue trouble

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    Default dd_rescue trouble

    I am trying to experiment with dd_rescue on BT2 and for some reason can not get it to work correctly.

    I have a 1GB USB as /dev/sda and a 4GB USB as /dev/sdb

    From what I have read it says to use the command:
    dd_rescue /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1/backup.img
    However, when I do so, it says /dev/sdb1/backup.img is not a valid directory.

    I attempted it without the "backup.img" and it looked as if it copied correctly but nothing was saved on sdb1.

    Is there something that I am doing incorrectly?

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    Ok, I figured out that I need to mount the device that I am copying the the .img file to.

    For some reason now I get an error saying that I don't have enough space on the device I am copying the file to. But, the USB is 4GB (mounted) and the one I am imaging is 1GB.

    This is off a HD install version of BT2.

    Any ideas?

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    Default man


    man dd_rescue
    or man dd (they are much the same)

    Use du -sk *
    to show directory values

    Your command is to backup the entire drive. You may well NOT have enough room because of iterations.
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