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Thread: Alfa AWUS036NH has stopped picking up signals.

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    Default Alfa AWUS036NH has stopped picking up signals.

    Hi all,

    I recently brought an Alfa AWUS036NH wireless card. After taking AGES to get it set up and running, I was finally able to see wireless networks coming up in the scan (after typing in the airodump command). So all should be good. The next time I booted BT and started running the scan again, I get nothing. The card is connected and when setting up i.e. the airmen-ng command, BT displays the card details etc but when I run the airodump command, it starts the scan but won't pick up any networks. I can't for the life of me work out y it was working and after a reboot it won't work. Any input on this issue will be great. I've been on BT wiki and followed a command on there but still the same issue.
    Thanks for your help in advance guys!

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    Default Re: Alfa AWUS036NH has stopped picking up signals.

    Apparently there is a thread started on that card also ... I suggest you take a look over it see if it helps.
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