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Thread: Easy-Creds Implementation Problem

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    Default Easy-Creds Implementation Problem


    I'm trying to setup a fake AP using easy-cred and having an issue. The problem is that when I set up and run easy-cred my AP is broadcasted but I can't connect to it (via my iPhone). Just acts like it's connecting but doesn't do anything (window in BT shows association and re-association of my device. The problem I am guessing is one of the windows that easy-cred bring up.

    Ettercap - Tunnel
    All work fine but there's one windows that shows an error: 'xterm: Can't execvp sslstrip: No such directory or file' between DMESG and Ettercap - tunnel.

    Using Backtrack 5 r3 on on workstation on Windows 8
    Ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.

    Any ideas? What other ways are there to setup an AP without easycred? Thanks for any assistance!

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    Default Re: Easy-Creds Implementation Problem

    From the error you have posted I guess sslstrip is not properly installed on your system ... either way if you are referring to the script posted on our forum the best thing would be to post your issue there.
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