I'm trying to setup a fake AP using easy-cred and having an issue. The problem is that when I set up and run easy-cred my AP is broadcasted but I can't connect to it (via my iPhone). Just acts like it's connecting but doesn't do anything (window in BT shows association and re-association of my device. The problem I am guessing is one of the windows that easy-cred bring up.

Ettercap - Tunnel
All work fine but there's one windows that shows an error: 'xterm: Can't execvp sslstrip: No such directory or file' between DMESG and Ettercap - tunnel.

Using Backtrack 5 r3 on on workstation on Windows 8
Ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.

Any ideas? What other ways are there to setup an AP without easycred? Thanks for any assistance!