im trying to manually set up my connection to access the internet.
i can connect perfectly with wicd and access internet however, when i manually set it up it says i am connected to my network. Even though it says im connected i can not access the internet. why?
so when i set everything up this is what i do.

encryption is wpa2

root@bt:~ifconfig wlan1 up
root@bt:~# route add default gw
root@bt:~# echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf
root@bt:~iwconfig wlan1 essid "mynetwork" key "1598989898"
root@bt:~iwconfig wlan1 ap 00:11:58:F5:8F:18

now after i do all this it says im connected to my mynetwork
also i pinged myself and in the logs it says unknown inbound session stopped. this tells me im connected but im not sure why the sessions was stopped?
also i was able to set up mon1 mode using airmong-ng. After i set it up i did some packet sniffing that worked perfectly.

anyone have any ideas?