hi every 1,

i am running backtrack 2 final, using virtual box but if add an user, logout and log back in again...the user that i made earlier isn't there any more.This is really really doing my headin because i cun't user the irc client cause i am root.
I am guessing that it has something to do with mounting the ISO image to the hard drive or installing it to the harddrive via virtual box... something like that i am not sure but i might be wrong.Another thing is that i have to configure all the the tools that i commonly use (not that i know how to use them, still learning) every time i log back in....

an example of the type of problem that i am having:-
you know when you run an OS from a live cd and you cannot install or configure anything because you r running it from a cd....its a bit like that.but in my case i am using an iso image that i d-loaded from the "remote-exploit" site in virtual box.

ok i explained my problem as best as i can.


any help will be greatly appricieted