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Thread: Can anyone suggest a good BT compatible usb Wifi card...

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    Default Can anyone suggest a good BT compatible usb Wifi card...

    Im determined to get to grips with BT, after many years of it being elusive, i need to buy a wifi card this week.
    If anyone can suggest a new-but-tried-and-tested model, ideally somthing which has a big range too (so if the worst comes to the worst and i cant get BT working it will still have some use).

    also im in tokyo, so if you could suggest a wifi card which could be brought in a shop, i cant do online shopping here.


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    Default Re: Can anyone suggest a good BT compatible usb Wifi card...

    You should check the Backtrack Wiki, aircrack forums & main page, search for threads and Google. I'm sure you can find the information.
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    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
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