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Thread: Using pyrit with attack_batch

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    Default Using pyrit with attack_batch

    Does anyone know how attack_batch technically works?

    I've imported a bunch of passwords from a txt file. Now I'm using attack_batch on a handshake file. When I ctrl-c and stop it, then check pyrit eval, it shows my essid has some percentage completed. But when I start up the same command it seems to start from 0% again. But if I ctrl-c again and check pyrit eval it's actually even more completed.

    When I start attack_batch multiple times, is it actually continuing to check my particular essid? Because what I'm getting at here and trying to do is a way to continue my attack later when I have to turn the computer off. I figured attack_passthrough would reset from the beginning after I reboot. And what I also want is to see when it finds the password so I can stop it if doesn't do that automatically. I've run the batch command before then attack_db, but this time I want optimum computer usage and calculate the PMKs only up to the point until I get the p/w. Seems like such a waste of time to batch calculate all PMKs when the answer could be near the beginning.

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    Default Re: Using pyrit with attack_batch

    Okay, well after 5 billion password checks, it found it. attack_batch stopped when it found the p/w.
    Worked about 15000+ PMKs a second, or 1.3+ billion a day. Busted open an ATT### in a few days. Got 37.94% into my 10 billion database. Blobspace/essid only got to 126GB, not bad. Passwords were sequential 0 to 9.9 bill with padding, but somehow eval shows it only calculated to 3.8 bill until it found the p/w in the 5 bill range.

    Oh well, job done.

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