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Thread: THANKS! I love bt

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    Default THANKS! I love bt

    I don't know where to say this but you guys are awesome. bt5r3 is just what I need. I'm a network admin and I have to run Windows at work, but it now runs under a vm on Ubuntu. I will be moving to bt5 as soon as I can (stability of my workstation is paramount so changes are always concerning). bt5r3 is already on my home machine and my work laptop.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a great OS and for not forcing Gnome3 and Unity on us. Please don't follow that Ubuntu path.

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    Default Re: THANKS! I love bt

    I've been hoping the devs might look to Mint somewhere down the line. It's currently my favorite main-stream flavor of Debian.

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    Default Re: THANKS! I love bt

    Ubuntu is to fast growing....only in 5 month its come out with new version of Ubuntu .04 and .10 that's why i don't like it anymore but thanks to it and debian....still love the Old BT 2 and 3 i am miss the old time " SUSAH SENANG BERSAMA"
    Happy hunting!!

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