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Thread: not able to connect any network

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    Exclamation not able to connect any network

    Iam using backtrack for a while in vmware.
    usually i wil not be able to connect to internet but somhow use to manage , click on something and make it to connect.
    but somedays before i think i changed some of the settings where i am not able to ping to host ,not even to default gateway...
    if set the ip to
    however every time when i disconnect and connect again through wicd it is changing the ip
    and in netstat it shows port open in
    i have stuck in this for a while ,pls help me .....
    anyway thanks in advance....

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    Default Re: not able to connect any network

    Some more details would be appreciated. Currently from your thread I can not tell weather you are using the latest version of Backtrack or not, neither the VMware version or Product.
    Try mentioning what kind of card you use to connect, is it the integrated one or a USB one ?

    If it's the integrated one VMware should get the IP from your host (depending on the Network settings from VMware (bridge, NAT)).
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    Default Re: not able to connect any network

    Iam using backtrack 5 r3,anyway thanks man .....
    i have solved this problem
    i put the firewall down,the network started to work.....
    it is not secure know??so is there anyother way to get the problem solved???

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