Hello all

i'm really new to this, but i think this could help the community out there.

there's a tool for windows called DEEP FREEZE that once installed it runs the OS in ram so that none of the changes are kept after the machine reboots.

this can be useful since it makes the OS malware proof. although there are ways to bypass this with physical access methods, it makes it extremely unlikely that the OS will owned remotely. if it does, you just reboot your machine and that's it. that way you get rid of the threat of keyloggers and such, keeping your clients pen-testing data safe.

the use of full disk encryption can make this method even safer (since you can't tamper with the OS with a live disk unless you have the password) --
i've managed to install backtrack natively with Full Disk Encryption using this guide: https://netsecuritystuff.wordpress.c...ion-with-luks/

so the tools that accomplish this are LETHE and FSPROTECT
however the both use "aufs-modules" which I think is not included in backtrack.

i found this guide: http://technozorgs.blogspot.com/2012...ze-30-and.html
but it looks daunting at least for a linux noob like me

has anybody installed 'aufs-modules' successfully in backtrack?