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Thread: Pyrit doesnt continue right

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    Default Pyrit doesnt continue right

    Hey folks,
    i am new in the backtrack world so i wanted to try out pyrit. I imported 11 million passwords from wordlists and ran the batch command for my essid. after it finished, i tried to crack my .cap handshake but it failed. so i created a new textfile containing 3 passwords, one is the right psk. i imported the pws and ran the batch command again, assuming it would just take a second because it continues and only processes the three new passwords, but now it is stuck at 99,8%, only the pmk/s number changes, it seems like he is processing all passwords again.

    Do i misunderstand pyrits continue-feature or is it a bug?



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    Default Re: Pyrit doesnt continue right


    you can delete your essid ( this will delete the hash tables too ), then delete passwords ( /root/.pyrit/blobspace/password/
    ), after that create your essid again, import new passwords ( the file with the three passwords ), batch then attack_db.


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    Default Re: Pyrit doesnt continue right

    Speaking of continuing. Can you get pyrit to continue when you use the attack_batch command? Every time I ctrl-c and start again, it starts at 0%, but the eval shows work being computed.
    Also, am I correct that the original .TXT file is not needed anymore once the passwords are imported?

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