I know the #1 rule of this forum is to use google and to search for previous posts about this, however, i'm looking for personal opinions of people who might have an opinion about the question at hand.

What training courses (beyond the offsec101 course offered by offensive security, that's already cataloged away for consideration) would you recommend to a firm that performs audits, security work, and a few other things that we do really well?

Online training might be preferable to sending 10 people across the country as we're currently based out of south florida.

It doesn't have to be specific to penetration testing and if there's a certification attached, its all the better.

Have you taken any training courses? Did you find value in them?

There are a ton of online seminars and courses out there, and wherever there's money to be spent, there's someone willing to take it for nothing in return and second hand verification might help that.