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Thread: Where can I see SFTP commands?

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    Default Where can I see SFTP commands?


    I'm having some issues with a secure FTP server. FTP over SSH.

    I would need to create a log of the FTP commands that are beeing sent between the client and the agent, in order to see where the error is taking place.

    Is there a specific program in BT2 that can allow me to see these messages?


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    Default tcpdump or wireshark

    Most analysis programs will assist you.

    Lux sit

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    Or you could just open the log windows on both ends.

    Most FTPS/sFTP clients and servers have log/activity windows.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies.
    I asked this question for a co-worker, so I'll pass the answers along to him.

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    The commands for SFTP is pretty easy, you can write "help" without quotes to find out.
    (if thats what you need to do).

    The commands are pretty easy to use and remember.
    Put = Upload
    Get = Download (i think it's get)
    LLS = Local Listing
    LS = Remote Listing
    And that should be what you need?
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