I had installed BT5r3 on a new box and noticed once I had installed Compiz for the eye candy, there was something constantly writing to disk (icon was flashing frequently) and my cpu/discreet graphics would increase over time (nothing too crazy, but was enough to question, since I was not doing anything intensive on the machine at the time).

Apparently there is a conflict with Compiz and Metacity. Since I do not use Metacity, my workaround was leaving the metacity-common package (i didn't look too deep, but it seems like it is depended on by many other apps installed) but simply removing the metacity package itself (which contains the binaries). Immediately upon removal the constant disk writing went down, and the tied process associated with it (gconfd-2) lowered cpu use.

If anyone else experiences this issue, try the method outlined above > remove metacity. Let me know if it works for you as well!