I am pentesting a local windows 2003 server running SAP and MsSQL.
I have managed to get a meterpreter session opened on it.
My intention are to get the SAP and SQL data.
Only problem is I know nothing about SQL or SAP.
I have read up on the SAP and SQL modules in metasploit.
However I dont see much on what I am trying to do.

With meterpreter I have downloaded SQL LDF files.
I am currently reading up on how to open and read them.
Correct me if I am wrong bu I am now under the understanding that LDF files contain none of the actual data I am looking for.
Instead they are just log files..?.?

If anyone has had experience with this I would appreciate any input.
I tried using SQL map.
I simply tried to point it to the local IP of the server but it returned finding no SQL information.

Does anyone know of any tutorials?
Can anyone help me with my journey?