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Thread: Random Freezing In Backtrack

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    Default Random Freezing In Backtrack

    Hey, I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook and I can install backtrack on it, but one I try to do too much it just freezes. When I fist got it and pulled it out of the box it worked perfectly with backtrack for about a week and then all of a sudden it just kept freezing. I was thinking maybe its something with memory and it just needs time to think, but i let it sit over night on the screen and nothing changed. Could it be a hardware issue. I'm not wanting someone to teach me how to hack, i just would like someone to help me get it working. Thanks for you time.

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    Default Re: Random Freezing In Backtrack

    I am getting the same thing (MSI A6000)
    I am able to boot using safe mode.
    The system will run gnome jsut fine until launching WICD.
    Once WICD runs it populates the wifi's .
    If I try and connect to a wifi. the system freezes.

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    Default Re: Random Freezing In Backtrack

    I have found the following to be the fix for Acer Aspire:

    Press F2 on boot and edit Boot Priority Order: Network Boot: Atheros Boot Agent MUST be selected as #1. After this was changed I have not had any further issues.

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