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    Default Nikto update error

    I have noticed in Nikto that when you try to update it you get a 404 error stating it cannot find version 2.1.1.txt and the update fails. I went to the site where it is looking for updates and did notice that the most recent version that they list for updating is 2.1.0. I know from previous versions you can just go to the file and edit the version number ( line 50 $NIKTO{‘version’} = “2.1.1”; ) as there use to be an error with a typo. I am not sure if changing the service version number to match the 2.1.0 that’s listed on the site, would break anything on the install yet. I do not have my laptop in front of me today to try the fix it but I am sure it would go as it has previously. I will try tonight when I get home and see if it works and will edit the post if it does.

    edit: There was not actual error, it was the ISP that I was using at the time to try and update it. Once I connected through a proxy or a different ISP I was able to update that. Sorry for the incorrect report.
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