I got the usb adapter ALFA AWUS036NH. I am totally newbie in Backtrack 5. My issue is, I cant get the card to work properly. Not when
I boot live CD, not when I install Backtrack to my system and not when i boot with VM player. I tried to use Backtrack witk my wireless card Broadcom, as well. But the same thing, it doesnt work like it should. I can surf the web with Broadcom, though.

Do I need ALFA AWUS036N instead?
I have also tried to use it with Backtrack 5r3 in VM player, but NOPE. I first ordered ALFA AWUS036NHR, then AWUS036NH and now I am considering to send this one back to and order AWUS036N. '

Now, if you are a high tech pro in Backtrack but a arrogant dude as well, leave me alone.
But other than that, all help is much appreciated. I am fresh and don`t even know what "sniffing" means.

Best regards