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Thread: best card for the price

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    hey guys,

    I started a thread a few days ago with difficulties gathering arps and found a guide explaining that some usb network cards are too weak to inject packets to AP's that are a good distance away. I need to get a card that is under the 80 dollar range and is somewhat powerful. My buddy is hosting a os restricted capture the file match on his network, the only catch is its behind a wireless ap instead of us being wired to the router. Really the main reason I need a new one is because of th speed of injection. My opponents will be in his box before I have even startied recieving arps at this pace. This post is mostly aimed towards exploits as he seems to know his cards but if anybody else has suggestions please reply.



    //edit: please no usb cards.//

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    If you too the time to search the forum and wiki you would have found dozens of questions asking the same thing.

    Look here and here.

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