Hi. I have a question about unmounting an internal HD.

If I boot up with the cheat code "bt nohd", the system doesn't seem to see the HD at all. If you go into the GUI, there is no mounted HD.

If I don't use cheat code, I can unmount the HD from the command line using "umount". The GUI is still able to see the drive, though, (as an unmounted drive), and if I click on it it mounts it right back up again. Also, if I do a file search while the drive is unmounted, the search program brings back hits on the unmounted drive! It seem that, while unmounted, the drive is still accessable to the system.

Is there a way from the command line to totally and completely unmount the internal hard drive/make it unaccessable by the system (akin to what is done with the "bt nohd" cheat code, just from the command line)?