Alright. I'm coming here in the hopes of some help. I've read numerous squid tutorials and read a ton of articles. I still can't get the damn thing to work.
I think I have a problem with my networking.

Installed squid 2.6 on my Ubuntu box (I know).
Eth0 is connected to internet (technically anyway)
Eth2 is connected to Lan
Client machine is

I can go on the internet on the ubuntu box. I can't on my box. If i put in proxy options in firefox or IE on my box, it comes up as access denied, please contact your cache server administrator.
But, everything is suppose to be transparent. I dont want to have to configure settings in any browser. Has anyone gotten this to work? I think it might be due to iptables? This is the script I am using.

Should I try BT for this? Or redhat? Commands on Ubuntu are all a bit different I suppose. Any help would be great. I've been pulling out my hair for a few days. thanks guys.