Remmina (RDP client) is crashing when I hit the enter key. But not at first... only after a compiz cube related crash. Once the crash occurs, I can not recover. I've used Remmina 0.7.4 for 2 years on Ubuntu 10.04. but for some reason there is a new problem with Remmina 0.7.4 on backtrack 5r3 (64bit).

New install of bt5r3 (64bit), Remmina works fine. Then I added and configured Compiz (cube), still works fine. I ran a session for 24 hours to be certain. Then, one time I was spining the cube to a different desktop, Remmina crashed with an "error" stating it was auto-detecting the US-EN keyboard. I've since found that that is not an error message, just a statement of fact. I manually set the US-EN keybaord, the error goes away and I'm left with an empty error box... with an 'OK' button and nothing else. So I have no error message, just a failure of the application.

The really interesting part is that once Remmina fails, remember I ran sucessfully for 24 hours... But once it fails, it doesn't work anymore.

I've tried reinstalling Remina
I've tried removing Compiz

Once it fails, the only thing I can do to repair it is to completely re-install the OS. I know that's ridiculous, but I don't now how to find what's damaged.

I've emailed the author (2 weeks ago), but I don't expect any help because I've talked with him before, he's moved on to freerdp, and the current version of Remmina will not work with 10.04.