Hi every one. In my previous post I wanted to know if it was possible to install oracle onto my Backtrack system and if yes how? The question was pending for moderation and apparently something went wrong and I am not even able to figure out if my post was actually seen by the moderators. Any ways no offense. I was just wondering if i could get an answer for that query of mine and also the next one here...

I know that my Backtrack 5 r2 installation has eclipse installed (evident from the search results returned by the default software management tool of Backtrack), but I am not able to figure out where and how to start the eclipse ide from.

I have been a windows user so far but have always been a huge fan and supporter of Linux ever since. It is just now that i am determined to shift over completely from Windows to Linux and especially Backtrack. Having said that I am relatively new to the Linux world.

So please help me with any inputs you can.

Hearty thanks in advance.