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Thread: How to update Live CD (if you have no usb boot capability or installed Linux o/s).

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    Default How to update Live CD (if you have no usb boot capability or installed Linux o/s).

    For those with PCs without a USB boot capability, no installed BT system on their hard drive, and only a windows o/s on their PC(s), here is a working process to update the BT Live CD:

    1. First, the Linux commands require a small Linux EXT2 partition on the PC hard drive or the final remastered Live CD will have an error when booting. No Linux o/s will be installed on the partition but it will be used for creating the updated Live CD. So, using Acronis Disc Partitioning software or equivalent, establish a 2GB Linux EXT2 partition. For the following steps, assume this partition is hda5.

    2. On the PC, boot the latest BT Live CD that you wish to update.

    3. mkdir /mnt/hda5/Custom_BT (This creates the working directory on the Linux partition)

    4. cp –ra /mnt/live/mnt/hdc/* /mnt/hda5/Custom_BT (This copies the Live CD BT files to the working directory)

    5. cp aircrack-ng-0.9.1.lzm /mnt/hda5/Custom_BT/BT/modules (Now copy the updated modules you wish to add to the remastered Live CD. Refer to other tutorials on creating “lzm” modules. Add whatever modules you wish remembering to keep the total Live CD size < 700MB. You may also use the rm command to remove modules to keep the CD size < 700MB)

    6. /mnt/hda5/BT_Plus.iso (Creates the new remastered Live CD.)

    7. Burn the new Live CD

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    Meh. I think your guides off.

    For example, the paths referenced in steps 4 I think (sorry, dont have BT in front of me) are wrong.

    Also, I believe I had errors on step 4.

    Not to sound like a pest but would you mind reviewing the steps you gave? I think this would be a great article and am really looking forward to it.

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