I have spent quiet some time on Linux and BackTrack (although I'm new to forum here). So now I wish to make some Tutorial videos on Backtrack. I got "xvidcap" and "recordmydesktop" all ready and working on Backtrack. But they are not recording Audio from my internal HP DV5 Mic. I checked other apps and mic is not working at all in BackTrack.

Things I have tried :

--> Check input volume and all in 'alsamixer' ..

--> Configure the alsa.conf file and added the line 'option snd-intel model=hp-dv5'
and reloaded alsa

--> Searched the internet the whole day long (Yes! whole day) ,

it seems nobody has got the internal mic working on BackTrack since they have posted solutions like make a video recording and then ADD the sound later by editing the video is "lives" or such video editor.

I want to add the sound AS I'm making the video NOT Later on.

Please help me out.

(Please Do Not post such replies as BackTrack is built for pen testing only so it wouldn't do this and that . Thanks)