I'm still at it

need some questions answered

1. cd /tmp/ done

2 bt tmp # mkdir /tmp/INSTALL done

3 bt tmp # mkdir /mnt/iso done

4 bt tmp # mount -o loop -t iso9660 /tmp/bt2final.iso /mnt/iso

now am i mounting the cd from which i'm running backtrack 2 final in my disk drive, or from an image of it from a hardrive or usb and if so it says copy over the boot and bt directorys from the image, you wont be able to do that from backtrack as how are you going to extract them from the iso and also when i do this it says when i've tried everything tmp/bt2final.iso no such directory

have got past this part to where it say now we have the informational part then the list of mount screens come i'm so confused about this is that telling me to move on with this command

bt tmp # cp -rf /mnt/iso/* /tmp/INSTALL

is that * supposed to be there or is that my iso directory

have also tried this to get no such file or directory this is total punishment

have also tried from konqueor to mount them to the directorys only to get about 300 mb of the disk and is running out of space so i cant even do it that way

so can anyone please advise me as to where i'm going wrong i have followed everything but am getting no where

also at the end of this does backtrack burn the new iso or do i have to do it with a burning program

thanks wayne