Hi guys

I can’t really figure this out, so I need some help, please. I’ve read the NMAP network scanning book and some tutorials on Nmap.

My home LAN IP is and using the gets me the entire network etc.

But now I want to test my Namp skills on my real IP address. (Gotten from What Is My IP Address? - Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more... )

But when I scan my real IP address (eg. 123.456.789.0) then I only see my router, but not the rest of my network. (I have 7 devices on my LAN, via Wifi). Why not?

Do this mean that if I secure my router good enough, I’m “home free” for the rest of the LAN? Because I can’t see :

• Which devices are online
• How many are online
• Version detection
• etc

All the examples I have read about is regarding your own network, e.g. or, which also works, because I running the scan within the network.

Please help me clarify my confusion about this.