Hey guys, i'm back. I got a new job and well, have been very busy at weaknet. So far we have released a BETA version of Weaknet Linux, (yet another security based distro (Debian based with gnome)) I have version 1.0 final coming out on the horizon (somewhere close to the beginning of December) we've been experimenting with a lot of hardware and software and security here, and making a lot of guides and tutorials for newcomers. Now, most of this stuff you guys already know, but anyone new here to the forums and to linux/UNIX/network security/Perl/etc could possibly learn a lot from it.

Here are some papers:

Here is a Hacking tutorials videos disk:

33 videos over 1.5 hours of stuff. They *do* teach things, but not verbally, I simply used callouts because I don't like the sound of my voice.

I wouldnt recommend getting the WeakNet Linux ISO to you guys, cos i believe BT3 is far better and its still in BETA. So! Hope this helps newcomers and happy hacking and such!