I just got backtrack, after a few days of searching how to make my usb bootable and get it to work. ( had some trouble with blackscreen and other errors ).
Anyway, I now want to update and upgrade my backtrack, as I read this that it's a good thing to do once in a while. Tho, this is impossible because when it's almost upgrades it says my volume is full.

I created a bootable usb persistent with the max mb's extra. My usb stick is 16 gig. Now I was wondering, if it is possible to create another partition on my usb stick so I can update and upgrade my backtrack.

Also, is there a change my backtrack won't work anymore when I update?

What I have done to fix it so it would workyis:

Xorg -configure
copy the new configure file to xorg.conf
then changed the word intel in vesa.

If any more information is needed, please let me know and I gladly post it here.