If this has been resolved somewhere else, im sorry in advance but i could not find a post for it.
Here is my problem, im pretty new to linux/backtrack 4. Basically what i am doing is dualbooting my desktop vista/bt4. I have already installed backtrack4 to a new partition on the hdd and can dual boot no problems. On bt4 everything works. The wireless runs, i can use all (almost, ill get to that) of the tools fine and the system runs FAST. My problem comes in when i try to install the nvidia graphics drivers as i want to get cuda up and running. I have a 680i sli mobo and 2 9600gts in the system. Whenever i install the nvidia drivers and go back to startx i get the 'no screens found' error. From there i am lost and i cant/dont know how to load my old xcfonfig settings without using the startx gui. Here is where i am confused. If i use the live CD, i can update drivers, and install cuda, and pyrit recognizes both gpus. But on the hdd install i cant even get the nvidia drivers to work. I have tried... 1) instaling the drivers with apt-get install nvidia-driver out of the startx and in. 2) installing them with apt-get install backtrack-nvidia (or soemthign like that) in and out of startx. 3) downloading the drivers from nvidia and using sh etc to install them. Every single time nothing works for me on the hdd install, but it works PERFECT on the live cd. Can anybody help me out or point me in a direction to get things going. Its always me; startx and seeing the 'no screens found' error on xserver. HELP!!
Thanks in advance!