Bottom Line Up Front:
Many members of the community want to install BT5 to SD card (bootable). We all seem to have the same problem (drops to Busybox shell, INITRAMFS prompt)..."-r ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<UUID> does not exist" .... Substitute "MMCBLK0" instead of "SDA/SDB/SDC..." in the instructions.

  1. Downloaded BT5 .ISO from, validated MD5 hash (download good)
  2. Installed .ISO to USB successfully
  3. Booted to USB
  4. Followed instructions from INFOSECRAMBLINGS for BT5 (great tutorial!):

*Basically, the key was to substitute the SDx drives for MMCBLK0(P1-P5) to get it to install on an SD Card. I was able to properly encrypt (512) and get back into it with the luksOpen command.

Upon reboot, I am able to see the GRUB menu, showing Ubuntu 3.x and it launches. The text on the screen stops on, "Waiting for encrypted source drive ...."

Then, it fails out and dumps to Busybox shell with error, "-r ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<UUID> does not exist"

When I "ls-al /dev/disk/by-uuid", I don't see a symlink for the SD (MMCBLK0 or MMCBLK0p5). I watched as a symlink appeared when I plugged in another USB (SDB), but not when I removed/replaced the SD card (MMCBLK0). I even tried to manually create a symlink in /dev/disk/by-uuid

"ln -s sourcefile myfile"

The manual symlink shows as created in /dev/disk/by-uuid until I reboot....

Thank you in advance for any assistance. I will email Kevin Riggins (author of the tutorial) an see if he has input.