Has anyone had any fun with windows 8 yet? we have been trying it out with custom exploits in our lab and its a bit of a tough cookie!!!

I heard that VUPEN have a 0day which they are selling to "government agency's" only.. Obviously not interested in improving security for everyone.. only profiting from what they find!


We have only just started playing with it and the UI kind of sucks unless you have a touch screen, its kind of like the old Windows Media Center but its basic enough.

There are a few interesting bits like the built in AV and firewall but instead of looking at all the old OS platform flaws (xp, vista etc and tutorials on how to exploit them) we should be looking into ways of making the new OS's exploitable (+ more secure ).

I would be interested in your thoughts as XP (out of the box) is old and if anyone is running it they need to be told that they are a dribbling idiot.. and if anyone is exploiting it then they need to catch up..

Windows 7 is quite secure out of the box with SP updates but there are plenty of exploits out there for it, but Windows 8 will be rolled out on a massive scale on pretty much every customer PC.

I think this could be a really interesting topic so please post any links you come across with info or news on exploits as it is fascinating to see the development of a new OS and the the bugs people come across.


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