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Thread: mac address question

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    Default mac address question

    hi im new to the forums, just started using bt2 for a week now. I stumbled over backtrack when looking for some programming sites to help me on my programming classes and was very interested on network security.

    I like challenging myself on how to use linux, especially doing stuff through command lines to make me learn faster.

    Ne ways i was trying to crack my router, i set it up, and its using wep encryption.

    So im using the no client wep cracking tutorial by xploitz.

    when he was going over the macchanger for the fake mac.

    i typed in:
    macchanger --mac=11:22:33:44:55:66 wlan0

    and shows

    current mac <real mac> (dlink)
    fake mac <11:22:33:44:55:66> (unknown)

    now everytime i use macchanger -s wlan0
    it gives me the fake mac.

    how can i get my original mac address back?

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    man macchanger...
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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