Hello All,

This is a great forum and thanks to all who help out.
I've recently finished my HDD install of BT2 and I really like it. However, one small annoyance has popped up.

When I boot the machine it will automatically connect to the first open WIFI connection it can find. Even with the lan cable connected. It then dumps the DNS server address from this WIFI connection into my resolve.conf file. This causes all kinds of hassle. I do not want to use my neighbour's DNS server or network. When I put eth0(ipw2100) down I then need to open resolve.conf and enter my proper DNS setting that should have been entered by DHCP "automagically".

How can I keep my wireless nic from automatically grabbing any network that is available? Also how can I make my laptop use the wired connection as the preferred connection?

Thanks in advance for any help.