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Thread: Failing injection test on RT2860 with compat-wireless driver

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    Default Failing injection test on RT2860 with compat-wireless driver

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to get my RT2860 wireless adapter to do packet injection. I installed the compat-wireless drivers as described here, that seemed to work well, my new driver is called RT2800PCI as described there and I can connect to the internet.

    I make sure the adapter is UP and in monitor mode, then run a probe request using aireplay-ng -9 ra0 (which is my adapter as listed in iwconfig). It comes back with "Trying broadcast probe requests...No answer..Found 3 APs" (or whatever number, depending on channel).

    When it tries directed probe requests, I get 0/30: 0%.

    I'm on BT5 RT3 HDD Gnome 32-bit
    on a MSI Wind u100 (yeah, old)

    If you want to see any output from commands, let me know! Thanks in advance for any replies.

    Update #1: I think the problem is that I've failed to uninstall the old driver? I've added it to the blacklist, but it seems to be running anyway.
    When I run modprobe -r rt2860sta it comes back with "Fatal: Module rt2960sta is in use". The driver should now be rt2800pci after installing compat-wireless, right?

    Update #2: I realised from the lsmod that the old driver was in use, so I disabled the wireless card and successfully removed the driver. On reboot, the rt2800pci-driver seems to load fine, it lists ra0 (my interface) in ifconfig and iwconfig. However, it now finds no APs, even on channel 6 (where I know my AP is located), and I got some error about bus (disappeared quickly) when trying to connect to Wicd - that also states that no networks are found.

    Update #3: Oops, seems the original driver wasn't as gone as I thought. It came back after a boot! I must have done something wrong when installing compat-wireless...

    If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated! :S
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    Default Re: Failing injection test on RT2860 with compat-wireless driver

    i followed this step before and still works fine but you have to manually edit some syntax to match the latest update of the driver

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