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Thread: [SCRIPT] Script to automate changes in TX power of your 1-Watt card

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    Smile [SCRIPT] Script to automate changes in TX power of your 1-Watt card

    hi, all.

    i know the purpose of this script is trivial, but i got bored one day and thought i'd redo my 5-liner script with a more user-friendly one to share here. (actually, i was trying to think of something to contribute to the forum, no matter how lame, hehe).

    anyway, the script is a quick way to increase the TX power of your 1-Watt wifi card (i tested this only with AWUS036H) from its default 10dBm (100mW) setting to 27dBm (500mW) or 30dBm (1W), or revert back to default.

    download the file and set the correct permissions:

    root@bt:~# wget
    root@bt:~# chmod 755
    root@bt:~# ./ [wifi interface] [MAX|MID|NORM]
    root@bt:~# ./ noob
    root@bt:~# ./
    To set TX power to 30dBm for wlan0:
    root@bt:~# ./ wlan0 MAX
    To use the wizard setup, a-la dummy style:
    root@bt:~# ./ noob
    If you want to run this when BT5 starts, use the custom setting (initially set in the script to 30dBm) and run the script without any options:
    root@bt:~# ln -s /etc/init.d/
    root@bt:~# update-rc.d -f defaults
    CAUTION: I've read that some countries implement a strict rule against increasing the TX power of your card beyond their prescribed limit. So, use this script with caution. Personally, i don't know authorities will be able to catch you with this silly rule. But, just the same, don't say i didn't warn you

    stay secure.
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