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Thread: wep cracking atheros

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    Cool wep cracking atheros

    hello, recently ive bought a new notebook-acer has acer nplify 802.11b/g/draft-n card, shown as atheros AR5B93, i had no problems starting it up..

    (im kinda new to this, so im sorry, if ill start using incorrect terms), the problems are:

    1) how can i choose a channel for aireplaying? i use airodump -c, but when i start aireplay, the channel is random

    2) using aireplay -1 0 i get only ack packets and error that the attack wasnt successful, using -3 argument wont get any arps aswell (is that because incompatibility of my wifi card, incorrect drivers or simple because im a lame?)

    thanks a lot for explanation and pardon my english

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    Default Re: wep cracking atheros

    Quick question, before running aireplay did you stop the airodump scan? If not it will pick up on whatever channel you were jumping through. The easiest way for me to get aireplay on the channel i want is to stop the general scan, start airodump on the channel i want, bssid locked in, and dumping to a file before i even think about running aireplay.

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    Default Re: wep cracking atheros

    I don't know if this is related, but a lot of the time when I start injecting with aireplay, it wants to use channel 6. My regular home network which I use to access the internet and whatnot is on channel 6, but the router in my lab is on channel 11. It seems to help if I stop everything, do ifconfig wlan0 channel 11 (I think that was the cmnd), then start over with airmon, airodump, etc. I have no idea why it does this. Annoying though.

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    Default Re: wep cracking atheros

    Hey Guy

    So ... i think i can help you to solve the problem.

    First @all...

    which driver loads the kernel for your atheros chipset? ath5k or the 9k driver?

    Do u have used airmon-ng to start a monitoring device?

    If not, this could be the first reason why its so crappy.

    i have an acet 5530G with a Atherosbased Card ...

    bevor i start listenig on wlan, i start the monitoring device with

    airmon-ng start wlan0
    after that i get a device called mon0

    the next step for wepcracking is

    airodump mon0
    it shows fast wich network, with wich encryption is in your near distance.

    Note the SSID , and the MAC of the basic station ..

    If you have it done, please use the orginal tutorial wit the PTW attack from aircrack-ng

    how_to_crack_wep_via_a_wireless_client [Aircrack-ng]
    how_to_crack_wep_with_no_clients [Aircrack-ng]

    this are the basics to crack wep with / with out an authenticated Client in the victim network!

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