Hello, This is my first post to the BT forums. A little background first; I am into network administration as a course of study and I have Linux experience at the college level. That said, I will mention the unmentionable trove of M$ exp as well. I love hacking. I have been poking around BT for a quite awhile, played with it before college even, broke some WEP, WooHoo.

During my education I learned about proper documentation. I already knew how to be helpful and I endeavor to be a nice guy. The level of flames and irrelevant posts in this forum and BT material around the internet generally is appalling. The gross lack of respect that I have witnessed is reproachable. The organization (at the internet level) sucks. I have never participated in an environment as scattered as this. I WASTE time wading through all of this crap. I don't want to keep blowing time parsing cruft. Is there somewhere else!? hehe.

I notice that a lot of the commands that I learned in the CentOS style Bash are irrelevant here. Is there a concise list concerning this OS's syntax? It is irritating when makewhatis turns into mandb -c GRRRRR!!!!!! I understand that BT subjects are offered as courses. Do I really need to blow another 6 grand? or 30? or 40? Whatever it may be, I have already buried a lot into my IT addiction. Is that how it is? I hope not. The courses are expensive for a week of training IMHO, or I would already be there.

There are certain things that I think the community should think about. One really stupid thing , IMHO, is the fact that a stock BT5 r3 can't take a screen shot. I know linux is the configuration wizard's dream but really!? I have to grab software to make a screen shot in a distro as maniacally fleshed out as this!? I swore and swore I did.

So anyhow, I'll hang out. I'm looking for some new comrades. I have some really cool comrades as well, great people, great hackers, not much trouble. Can't wait to hear from the community with some road signs showing the way...

daed lanth