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Thread: script to installing missing tools and update others

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    Default script to installing missing tools and update others


    I've created this bash script here to add missing tools to BT5-Gnome-32but (might work on 64 bit as well but not tested).

    It's a bash script with a TUI front end that allows you to select/deselect what you wish to install. It also updates various other tools using svn etc...

    Link to the tool info page is here:
    Or for those wanting wget it's here:

    Screenshots here:

    Hope this helps others.

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    Default Re: script to installing missing tools and update others

    We appreciate your contributions, but this is not a fix.
    Further I hope you plan to offer support to every single problem that may arise from what you are trying to do.
    Just grabbing a bunch of packages from svn can cause quite a few problems as we use custom libraries, drivers, etc,
    A good idea would be to use our redmine to let us know what tools you feel are missing and should be added, further if you feel thatsome are outdated and should be updated. Just taking two packages in the above screen shot as an example, Metasploit can cause lots of problems if something goes a little south. Nessus, is another one.
    Further converting everything to svn installs is going to cause lots of headaches when those packages get updated from svn and apt.

    To all others who wish to use this tool, your mileage may vary and you are on your own!
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    Default Re: script to installing missing tools and update others

    hi thks for the script ....can you plz help with this error ?
    ‘export: command not found
    “export: command not found
    Reading: command not found
    Building: command not found
    Reading: command not found

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