Hey guys, in some other thread i had problem with cracking wep, and anything i did nothing worked, any trick, anything,.. after almost giving up i found out that the problem is in the hardware, in the wireless usb adapter SignalKing chipset RALINK 3070. Otherwise the adapter is great, you can crack wpa/wpa2, injection works, connecting works, evrything works like a charm, only when you want to crack wep and you want to Associate with the AP, you cannot in ANY WAY, tried all the tricks to do it. Then i made a test, with another wireless card, and with the same settings, and the same distance, on the same router, with the same wep settings and evrything the same, worked like the charm, but at the SignalKing chipset RALINK 3070 didnt work at any settings. I tried it even on another PC, and it didnt work.

Does anybody have any idea, i was looking on the forum, google it, and nobody seems to have the same problem. Is it the only solution to buy a new powerful wireless adapter or is there any solution?