hi everyone,

I own two wireless hotspots and i intend to expand across the town. right now i discovered that a simple
DOS attack can ruin the internet experience for my customers using a an aircrack command like;

aireplay-ng -0  0 -a (bssid) mon)
truly, i've confirmed this in several tests and apparently the person wouldn't need to even be authenticated to my

now i have a couple of questions;

1. how can i protect my network against such an attack
2. if i don't hide my network ssid, is it still possible for it to be DOS'ed if the person uses a tool like
kismet to see my radio's MAC address
3. will it help if i use 5 ghz radios and connect customers to the hotspot through a 5ghz CPE since laptops
run on 2.4 or is it possible for a 5ghz frequency to also be DOS'ed?
4. is there a way to trace the person who is DOSsing the network (just in case i want to smash his head with a club ) ?

i'm really a noob in wireless security and will appreciate any input to help my network as i try to scale