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Thread: linksys wrt54g in client mode?

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    Default linksys wrt54g in client mode?

    hello everyone been dabbling in and out of backtrack for a while now and deciding to try out backtrack 5r3. it won't boot from my laptop via usb, it gets to the very first line(syslinux etc.) and the second line is just a blinking cursor. no problem booting from live cd but i bought a 16gb flash so i can keep it as my permanent portable backtrack drive. it will boot my my desktop but i don't have wireless in it so i was wondering if it was possible to use my linksys wrt54g running ddwrt in client mode for aircrack and the other tools. thanks.

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    Default Re: linksys wrt54g in client mode?

    Have you read about the dd-wrt modes?...As long as you set up the encryption to be used in your virtual interface, sure you can...

    If you worked with dd-wrt you should know about it...Ap, client and repeater modes....


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