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Thread: making backtrack feel more natural

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    Default making backtrack feel more natural

    hello all i am just setting up backtrack as my main operating system after years of live usb boots and i want to make it feel a little more comfortable ive been a crunchbang 9 user for a long time because i like the easy customization and feel of the system
    my questions are can you help me set up crunchbang 5 r3 to be more like crunchbang 9 such as adding
    the gui package manager
    and the other programs that crunchban9 uses to customize the system such as screen resolution, background image, and other such goodies i will be making a list of everything i need to get done but first and foremost i would like to get the main parts listed in the beginning done i am not asking for you to do it for me i am asking if you could guide me though it ive tried installing openbox before but there were to many issues thank you all

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    Default Re: making backtrack feel more natural

    Backtrack isn't meant to be used as a primary every day OS.
    This is a specialized OS, designed for pentesting.

    Regarding installing software, a few of them are in the repository (which is a quick way to install software, there are other methods):
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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