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Thread: aireplay-ng how do I know if I can inject packages ?

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    Default aireplay-ng how do I know if I can inject packages ?

    Hello all,
    I was trying to inject packets in one of my own networks with aireplay but still no luck.
    I've read most of the documentation of aircrack and I'm testing how much it takes to crack one of my Wireless networks.

    sudo aireplay-ng -9 -e Nowireless -a 00:13:CF:B2:1AC -h ca:fe:ca:fe:ca:ca ra0
    The interface MAC (00:0C:41:6C:7F:E9 --> Anyone where this cames from ? Not my MAC) doesn't match the specified MAC (-h).
    ifconfig ra0 hw ether CA:FE:CA:FE:CA:CA
    08:45:50 Trying broadcast probe requests...
    08:45:51 No Answer...
    08:45:51 Found 1 APs

    08:45:51 Trying directed probe requests...
    08:45:51 00:13:CF:B2:1AC - channel: 0 - 'Nowireless'
    08:46:00 0/30: 0%

    This is my interface (LinkSys card):
    ra0 RT2500 Wireless ESSID:"hpsetup"
    Mode:Monitor Frequency=2.452 GHz

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    you might try this first...

    aireplay-ng -9 ra0

    everything else says optional, and make sure your card is in monitor mode.

    from aircrack's website

    aireplay-ng -9 -e teddy -a 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -i wlan0 ath0


    -9 means injection test. Long form is - -test. (Double dash)
    -e teddy is the network name (SSID). This is optional.
    -a 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 ath0 is MAC address of the access point (BSSID). This is optional.
    -i wlan0 is interface name of the second card if you want to determine which attacks your card supports. This is optional.
    ath0 is the interface name or airserv-ng IP Address plus port number. For example - (Mandatory)

    IMPORTANT: You must set your card to the desired channel with airmon-ng prior to running any of the tests.

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