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Thread: clean hardrive just bios help installing backtrack 2

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    Smile clean hardrive just bios help installing backtrack 2

    i really need help
    i have been at this for days

    i'm doing it signalx6 way of doing it from this forum

    dont understand am on part 7

    Step 7. create /mnt/hda1
    Step 8. Add /dev/hda1 / /mnt/hda1 defaults 1 1 to /etc/fstab
    Step 9. Add /dev/hda1 / /mnt/hda1 rw 0 0 to /etc/mtab

    this is what i get

    create /mnt/hda1

    -bash: create : command not found


    -bash: /mnt/hda1: is a directory

    mkdir /mnt/hda1

    mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/hda1': file exists

    someone please help my head is going to explode

    thanks wayne

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    Wink Error


    create /mnt/hda1 mean :
    you have to make a directory called /mnt/hda1 by using "mkdir /mnt/hda1" but is seem to be done cause it answer you "file exist". If you want to be sure that's a directoy, use "ls -l /mnt/hda1" in the answer verifiy the line begin with a "d". This is the mount point.
    After this you have to mount your disk on the mount point, like this :
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
    Test it, if OK I'll explain you how to modifiy /etc/fstab



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    Use this setup proceedure instead:

    Use this up to the point where you would begin installing VMWare tools. Using this method, you still haven't set up your swap drive, so add this command:

    mkswap -c /dev/hda2

    Your system should now boot properly. After you have booted up your system, enter:

    swapon -a

    You should now be setup and ready to go.

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