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    Does anyone else have this problem: I get tonnes of BSSID's in Aireplay which fill up the screen and don't allow me to scroll down to see the clients. I've tried everything to see the bottom of the page but no luck.

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    try this one :

    update to LAST revison of 1.0 dev

    use the --berlin mode

    airodump-ng --berlin 60 .............................

    have a look at top right , now here you have the number of aps....

    here is some explanations:
    --berlin mode change the default timeout before removing an ap from the list when no packets are detected... the default timeout is 120 secs...that means an ap stay 2 min visible even if it's not detected......the number after --berlin is the new timeout : you may try 60 /30 /10/1/
    you will see the differences...

    hope helps
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    "update to LAST revison of 1.0 dev"

    Not sure what this means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plokijuh1 View Post
    "update to LAST revison of 1.0 dev"

    Not sure what this means.
    He means you need to update your version of the aircrack-ng suite to the developmental 1.0 version. Type the following in your shell window EXACTLY.....

    spaces and all.

    svn co aircrack-ng
    cd aircrack-ng
    make install
    And your all set to go plokijuh1!!
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