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Thread: Wrong file-path in sys/iso-linux

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    Default Wrong file-path in sys/iso-linux

    Backtrack suffers from some bad Ubuntu-style. The Isolinux.cfg file has wrong file-paths : /cdrom/preseed[or_what_ever]

    First cdrom is not native linux. As far as I know only Ubuntu uses it. (At least it is not on my Debian/Gentoo machines)
    But nevertheless /cdrom should be omitted in the path so the pathes in the .cfg files are just /preseed[or_what_ever]
    (witout the previous /cdrom)

    This results in a lot of trouble, when trying to create a bootable BT USB-Drive in other distros from a BT5.iso . For example using doesn't work outside of an Ubuntu environment. The
    reason is that syslinux creates wrong .cfg files and the result is a "[...] can't mount [file].squasfm bla bla /dev/loop1 ERROR [...]"

    Moreover instead of syslinux /dev/sdb1 the command syslinux -i /dev/sdb1 should be used.

    My advice is to rebuild/repack the iso image without "/cdrom"... Just delating it manually inside all .cfg files doesn't work. I don't
    know exactly why, but I guess because the initram's are wrong and the sylinux.bin and .c32, too

    Mybee a short workarount is to create a folder /dev/sdXn/cdrom and put everything that was previously in /dev/sdbXn into that folder.
    Then the path is correct again, but of course thats some ugly workaround....

    In my opinion BT should give an .img file for download that we just write as plain raw data to USB using " dd if=....". Thats the
    way debian goes and it is very handy. U can say that dd is a dangerous tool, but BT is for administators, isn't it?


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    Default Re: Wrong file-path in sys/iso-linux

    Since none of the ways I tried to make a bootable Live-USB from an BT-5R3.iso I figured my own,
    which I want to share here, in case you have similar problems.


    If you are a developer of BackTrack Linux, I would like you to first do the following USB-install

    1.) complete zero-out your USB-device (root: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX)
    this makes sure, that we start under equal assumptions. (The reason is
    that I guess if you install BT on USB following your advise on
    and it WORKS, then maybe there was already a previous BT installed and
    you use that MBR...)

    2.) install BT5R3 on that USB following

    (Doing this on my debian host, definitively does not work for many reasons)



    Let install it...

    1.) *Put in your USB stick
    2.) *become root
    3.) *check device identifier /dev/sdX
    fdisk -l
    4.) dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
    *This will clear everyting, including the MBR and any partition
    *or whatever. Gives us a well defined state to start
    5.) fdisk /dev/sdX
    a.) *First Partition
    Command (m for help): n
    Command (m for help): p
    Partition number (1-4): 1
    First cylinder (1-522, default 1):1 <= old style ;-)
    Last cylinder, +cylinders or +size{K,M,G} (1-522, default 522): +3500M
    b.) *Second Partition
    Command (m for help): n
    Command (m for help): p
    Partition number (1-4): 2
    First cylinder (1-522, default 1): (use default)
    Last cylinder, +cylinders or +size{K,M,G} (xxx, default xxx) (use default)
    c.) *First Fat32
    Command (m for help): t
    Partition number (1-4): 1
    Hex code (type L to list codes): c (you recomended b, but ... however)
    Changed system type of partition 1 to b (W95 FAT32)
    d.) *Second Linux
    Command (m for help): t
    Partition number (1-4): 2
    Hex code (type L to list codes): 83
    e.) *First Active
    Command (m for help): a
    Partition number (1-4): 1
    f.) *write
    Command (m for help): w
    5.) *Format
    a.) mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n BT5 /dev/sdX1
    b.) mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 -L casper-rw /dev/sdX2
    6.) *mount backTrack.iso
    mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    mount -o loop /path_to_BT5.iso /mnt/cdrom
    7.) *mount usb
    mount /dev/sdX1
    8.) *copy the iso image data on the usb device
    cd /mnt/sdX1
    rsync -r ../cdrom/* .
    9.) *create syslinux folder
    mkdir /syslinux
    10.)*edit the .cfg file
    gedit (or nano) isolinux.cfg
    *I'll post the file at the end of this*
    save as /syslinux/syslinux.cfg
    10.)*copy your fancy ;-)
    mv /isolinux/splash.png /syslinux
    10.)*if our syslinux version differs from that used
    in creating the live-CD vesamenu.c32 will not
    work => just delate everything!
    rm -r /isolinux
    11.)*Find the folder containing your syslinux stuff
    *On debian systems open synaptic and look for
    *the installation. In my situation it is in
    cd /usr/share/lib
    *copy the needed stuff
    cp vesamenu.c32 /dev/sdX1/syslinux
    cp memtest /dev/sdX1/syslinux
    12.)*run syslinux but with option --install
    syslinux -i /dev/sdX1
    13.)* Copy working MBR code into the MBR
    umount /dev/sdX1
    umount /dev/sdX2
    dd conv=notrunc bs=440 count=1 if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX

    ================================================== ============

    That's it...

    The changed syslinux.cfg looks like the following:
    (U can opy paste it without the "====")

    ================================================== ==================
    default vesamenu.c32
    prompt 0
    timeout 300

    menu title BackTrack Live USB
    menu background splash.png
    menu color title 1;37;44 #c0ffffff #00000000 std

    label DEFAULT
    menu label BackTrack-Mirco Text - Default Boot Text Mode
    kernel ../casper/vmlinuz
    append file=../preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=../casper/initrd.gz text splash vga=791--

    label STEALTH
    menu label BackTrack Stealth - No Networking enabled
    kernel ../casper/vmlinuz
    append file=../preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=../casper/initrds.gz text splash staticip vga=791--

    label FORENSICS
    menu label BackTrack Forensics - No Drive or Swap Mount
    kernel ../casper/vmlinuz
    append file=../preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=../casper/initrdf.gz text splash vga=791--

    label BackTrack noDRM - No NVIDIA drm driver
    menu label BackTrack Text - Default Boot Text Mode
    kernel ../casper/vmlinuz
    append file=../preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=../casper/initrd.gz text splash nomodeset vga=791--

    label debug
    menu label BackTrack Debug - Safe Mode
    kernel ../casper/vmlinuz
    append file=../preseed/custom.seed boot=casper initrd=../casper/initrd.gz text--

    label memtest
    menu label BackTrack Memtest - Run memtest
    kernel memtest
    append -

    label hd
    menu label Hard Drive Boot - boot the first hard disk
    localboot 0x80
    append -

    ================================================== ==================

    rm '/mnt/sdb1/syslinux/isolinux.cfg~
    just in case the text editor made a silent copy

    path in syslinux.cfg are RELATIVE TO the folder of that file isn't needed ust for isolinux

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