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Thread: GUI Not Running to perform Install

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    Question GUI Not Running to perform Install

    Hi All,

    Have an old laptop that has been through the wars a bit, its known as a clevo m121w series laptop (32bit only).
    It loads up the live cd fine and enters into the text modes fine - the os in terminal is working flawlessly.
    when i try to run startx, I get a harddrive read for 5 seconds and a cursor that stops flashing and black screen (seems to halt)
    regardles of how long i leave it, no change.

    i also tried running ubiquity or sh -c ubiquity from the command-line

    the laptop thinks for a 30 seconds and then i get a prompt with no other action if i run the command again it goes straight to a prompt without any thought.

    would like to get this installed on the laptop, is their any commands that i can run to complete this or get some indication on what is causing the issue - any commands to find either would be helpful.

    have downloaded checked the hash and did 2 burns one fast and one slow - no difference.
    the version is BT5r3 Gnome 32bit

    Also completed the x wont start commands under basic usage in the wiki - the commands there made no difference either.

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