Backtrack suffers from some bad Ubuntu-style. The Isolinux.cfg file has wrong file-paths : /cdrom/preseed[or_what_ever]

First cdrom is not native linux. As far as I know only Ubuntu uses it. (At least it is not on my Debian/Gentoo machines)
But nevertheless /cdrom should be omitted in the path so the pathes in the .cfg files are just /preseed[or_what_ever]
(witout the previous /cdrom)

This results in a lot of trouble, when trying to create a bootable BT USB-Drive in other distros from a BT5.iso . For example using doesn't work outside of an Ubuntu environment. The
reason is that syslinux creates wrong .cfg files and the result is a "[...] can't mount [file].squasfm bla bla /dev/loop1 ERROR [...]"

Moreover instead of syslinux /dev/sdb1 the command syslinux -i /dev/sdb1 should be used.

My advice is to rebuild/repack the iso image without "/cdrom"... Just delating it manually inside all .cfg files doesn't work. I don't
know exactly why, but I guess because the initram's are wrong and the sylinux.bin and .c32, too

Mybee a short workarount is to create a folder /dev/sdXn/cdrom and put everything that was previously in /dev/sdbXn into that folder.
Then the path is correct again, but of course thats some ugly workaround....

In my opinion BT should give an .img file for download that we just write as plain raw data to USB using " dd if=....". Thats the
way debian goes and it is very handy. U can say that dd is a dangerous tool, but BT is for administators, isn't it?